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Can I use a credit card to make a payments online?
Some accounts accept payment by credit card. Others do not. It depends on who your debt is owed to. To find out if credit cards are accepted on your account, simply login and click on "Make a Payment".
How do I know what my username/password is?
You will setup a username and password the first time you register with our website. We will simply ask you for some basic information to verify who you are. Once you have registered, you can login and view your account information.
Can I see my account balance?
Yes. You can view your complete account information including balance when you login.
What security measures have you taken on the Northstar Payment website?
Internet security is of the highest concern to Northstar. We use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the highest encryption standard used today, to encrypt or encode your information every time you send or receive information from us. We do this to ensure the safety of your information at the highest standard we are able.

For added safety, do not give others access to your social security number and to your account numbers. This means others cannot access your personal information on this site without your help.
How can I tell you are using this secure web access?
There are two ways that you can be sure a website is secure, they are:

1: a web address that starts with "https" instead of "http"
2: A padlock icon will be at the bottom or top of your browser window. You can click on this padlock to confirm the identity of the site you are accessing.

These two items ensure the security of your data; if you do not see them you should not log into the site and should close your browser immediately.
How should I get off your website?
Once you have logged onto the website click on the word EXIT to end your session. Logging out your session this way will ensure your information is kept secure. For your safety we will log out your session automatically if you do not access your computer for longer than 15 minutes.
What if someone tries to access your website without my permission using only some of my information?
We will lock out access to your account if the incorrect attempts exceed a given number. If this should happen to you in error, please contact our technical help located on the login screen to assist you in accessing your account correctly.